Monday, March 13, 2006

Bracketology - The Study of Brackets

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" if your a college basketball fan, that is! And I am!!!

I'm working on my bracket, not finished yet, but working diligently. And if you really need to know ... I'm a homer! Loving the fact that Iowa has two of its four NCAA teams in the tourney this year. The University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa! I'm pulling for the Iowa teams to go far in this years event.

Philip has his brackets done and Daniel is working on his, at our house this is a family affair. Last year even Susan joined in the fun.

The games begin on Thursday and then its wall to wall Men's NCAA basketball until Sunday. What a great field this year, I'm really looking forward to things getting underway! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

That's the way I see it,

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


farmer Tom said...

What a heart breaker. Why can't we get a bread once?

Well, There's always next year!! HA

farmer Tom said...

break = bread

Str8Arrow said...

Up 17 points and lose it in the last seconds. Seems to me that they did not win as bad as the guys from down south. I really enjoyed the UNI game. I thought that they just might knock off Georgetown.

Str8Arrow said...

i meant did not WANT to win as bas as the other team