Thursday, May 02, 2013

Wedding / Easter / Turkey Season ... So Far!

My daughter Amy got married on Good Friday. Her husbands name is Nate Cox (no relation, of course). It was a very nice wedding and Amy was a beautiful bride!

The Easter season is always a busy one for a preacher and his family, with a wedding on Good Friday and then most of the family home on Saturday for the holiday. Amy & Nate were on their honeymoon!

We had a great time with everyone there. Family is such an incredible blessing, as I reflect on the past years ... never-mind, maybe a topic for another day.

Turkey season is under way here in Iowa, my friends are all bagging their bird and I continue to attend "Turkey Hunting School". I seem to be able to find ways to mess up my hunts time and time again. But, I'm told that is all part of the process.

Still have about 15 days of the last season yet ahead, but I have not decided if I want to invest more money for my "Turkey" education and come away with nothing for another year.

The season was not a total bust ... I've seen deer, ducks, geese, squirrels and even a coyote - just not any mature toms!

Today we received 11 inches of heavy wet snow! May 2nd and our local school had to call a snow day! Just incredible!!  Welcome to Spring in North Iowa!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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