Friday, May 10, 2013

Turkey Hunting 2013

I have been turkey hunting for five years without any turkeys harvested. Notice I did not say without success, there is a huge difference between harvesting an animal and success on a hunt trip!

My usual plan of attack when turkey hunting is to travel over to NE Iowa with a couple of very good friends, camp out, turkey hunt, eat at a small town cafe, and visit a fish and cheese shop in Wisconsin. Makes for a very full few days but I alway enjoy the short time away. 

This year was going to be different ... Due to circumstances I was not able to travel to NE Iowa and so my hunt would consist of hunting in the North Iowa area around Clear Lake. This presented me a bit of a challenge as I was not real familiar with good turkey areas around home. That is where a little help from those in the "know" really helps! 

I was able to be shown a number of spots that would be very good hunting areas. I purchased a tag for the third season and began my hunting adventure for this year. That third season did not go so well in that I hunted hard but did not even see a turkey. 
The fourth part of the turkey season opened and with a new tag in hand I was back at it! I used a pop up blind and had a Tom working my was when he spooked and took off, later that morning I saw a coyote, deer and lots of ducks and geese. One thing I noticed was that every time I went to my morning spot the turkeys would sound off and then head West. So one afternoon, I set up on the West  end of the area I was hunting but only saw a hen and a jake (an immature male) that was too far away for a shot. 

Then came the "May Snowstorm" that put the kibosh on my hunting for a few day. When I was able to resume, it was suggested that I return to the West end but move even further to the West. That I did. I found a spot on a fence line where I was able to see a plowed corn field on one side and a grass pasture on the other. The thought was that the turkeys that headed West every morning would have to make their way back to the wood to roost it the evening. That is exactly what happened!

On the night in question, I located the spot that I wanted and got set up hours before sunset. At about 7:15, I notice movement in the field and there was a mature Tom making his way toward the woods and moving directly toward me. After what seemed like an eternity he stepped out of the fence line at about 25-30 yards. That is when I let the Remington roar and harvested my very first turkey ever! Checking my watch the time was 7:18 PM. What a hunt!!! I was so elated, I could hardly wait for my my hunting partner to return to pick me up. Here are the particulars: 10 1/2 inch beard,3/4 inch spur (one was missing) and a weight of 19.6 pounds!

 I would love to be able to say that it was my incredible skill at calling or my ability with my decoys that got me my opportunity ... but the truth is this hunt was a flat our ambush!  As my Dad would say "you were in the right place at the right time". Sometimes "lucky" is better than good!

Already looking forward to next year!

I Remain, 
Pastor Steve 

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