Monday, January 14, 2013

Bits & Balderdash

Happy Birthday Nick Oliver!

Last Tuesday evening we were invited to dinner with Nick and Jessica Oliver to celebrate Nick's birthday. We met at the Chicago Speakeasy I Des Moines for a wonderful dinner and a great surprise for Nick, who did not know that we were attending! Great fun was had by all and we are already looking forward to the next time that we can all get together!

Deer Season 2012!

Deer season for this past year (2012) is officially over with my AGAIN not filling any tags! Now, if I believed that was the only measure of success than I would have had a very disappointing hunting season. But the reality is I had some incredible encounters with very good deer.

I had a basket racked 8 point at about 6 yards and missed due to a very small branch that miss directed my arrow over the deers back! I had an incredible tall tined buck at 30 yards and got not one but two shots at and missed BOTH!!! (buck fever, I think so!) these two encounters don't even count the numerous does that I had in range ... And I passed on them!

Another great deer season with the bow and now my thoughts are turning to the Iowa Spring Turkey Season!

Health Issues...

Finally succumbed to my first real humdinger of a cold this season. On the last day of the deer season, I was in my stand for about 4 hours when I just knew I needed to go home. Arrived home around 11 AM and went straight to bed, aching all over, I was sure I had the flu. Got up the next with a tremendous chest cough that listed though the weekend! I don't feel all that bad ... Just hurts to cough!

I can't complain though .... Many others having it far worse!

Hope all is well with you,

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

You must have got the deer shot instead of the flu shot! Didn't get one but got the other.......

Big Bro