Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Good Morning February

Well, time marches on!

Today is February 1st and I was greeted with a fresh 7 inches of snow this morning. All the schools in the area are closed and we are expecting winds in the 25 to 40 mph range this afternoon.

My survival plan ... lots of fresh coffee, my laptop (to do office work on) and cable news. Lynn's survival plan ... get me to go to the office as soon as possible and get out of her hair!

I read a note this morning that we are 1/12th of the way through 2011! So, what do we have to show for our first month of the the year and more importantly what does the rest of the year hold????

Life is an adventure - hang on and enjoy the ride!

I Remain,

Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

7" of what? Big Bro

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Snow, white flakes falling from the sky.