Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bits & Balderdash - 2/16/11

Hello, Hello ... Is this thing on? Test Test Test 1 2 3?

Ok ... I know that this is on and now so am I!

Sorry it has been so long, but with everything going on in and around my life I just frankly have let this slide. I was really waiting for a private note from "Big Bro", but instead I called my Mom and she got after me for not posting for so long.

On the serious side - -

Good friends from Pittsfield, the place of my first full-time ministry, lost their 20 year old son in a car accident in a snow storm. I was privileged to be asked to have a part in the memorial service.  

Then just a couple of weeks ago a couple in our church were on their way home from the Church after a fellowship when they were involved in what was nearly a head on collision. The road was icy and the other driver lost control, crossed the center line.

The injuries were extensive to the gentleman who was driving and his wife was roughed up as well. The up side is that no one died and everyone will heal although the recovery road is long and hard.

On a happier note .....

Got to attend the Legacy 5 concert in D.M. I wrote about that in an earlier post.

Got to spend a weekend with Philip at a retreat in North Iowa. Good to see him and spend a bit of time together. Phil is on a summer ministry team through Faith Baptist Bible College called the "Contenders". He will be ministering at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp for 9 weeks this summer.

Stay tuned more to come::::

Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

I know your life is a lot busier than mine, so I was giving you until the end of the month before I gave you the needle. Glad to see you back. Keep up the good blogs, more as time permits.

the Big Bro