Friday, May 21, 2010

China Trip Post #2

Greetings again from China!

Wednesday was an acclamation day, us getting to know the facility that we are working in and getting to know some of the kids. We really spent most of the day playing with the younger children as the olders were busy in the school house. This was an incredible blessing to see these little blessings that are so simply tossed aside in this culture; happy, cared for, loved and laughing! What a privilege to get to be here and see the work that goes on here!

Wednesday's food highlight was a trip to a "hot pot" restaurant. A table would sit up to 8 people and every person had a hot plate built in to the table in front of them.  You get to choose between a spicy pot, non-spicy pot or a tomato based pot, each pot is filled with chicken broth and placed in front of you until it boils. Once boiling you may begin to add your own meats, veggies and greens to the boiling pot. 

Cooking takes very little time and you take your meats, veggies and greens out of the pot and eat them. There is also a couple of dipping sauces, one thick and one thin, I preferred the thinner sauce.

Thursday began with our VBS! (Vacation Bible School) The children enjoyed it VERY much! We sang, did a Bible story, a craft and a game outside. it was such a blessing to hear the children sing and laugh ... What an incredible experience!

We also had time again on Thursday to be able to play with the babies! Thursday was haircut day for the littles and this was quite an operation! The kids are take to the shower/tube room and undressed, placed in plastic high chairs and given hair cuts - with MUCH consternation on their parts! When the haircuts are finished the kids are placed in the tubs for a quick bath/shower, diapers and clothes back on and they are off to play again!

Thursday evening we tried a Dumpling Restaurant. We tried a great variety if dumplings: pork, beef & mushrooms, veggie, tomato & egg as well as a seafood. These were very interesting and I really enjoyed some of them!

More to Come!

Pastor Steve

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