Wednesday, May 26, 2010

China Trip Post #3

All is well here as we prepare to come home.

As I'm writing this we have just finished our last day of VBS and have passed out the tie-dyed t-shirts that the children made a couple of days ago. I can not even begin to explain in word the incredible joy in these kids as their names were called and they came forward to get the shirts that they colored. I know this will shock most of you but I just stood and cried that something as simple as a t-shirt could impart so much joy and happiness. I am personally overwhelmed!

This afternoon will be our final "big" activity as we have planned for a water activity. We are filling a number of pools with water, John and the girls are filling 500 water balloons and soon Tim and I will begin filling our supply of water guns and super soakers! After the impromptu water fight earlier in the week where we were ambushed by the children ... Tim and & I will have our revenge today!! (insert evil laugh here)

Following the big afternoon, supper in a local eatery, pack and in the morning off to Beijing where we will do the HuTong Tour. The HuTong is the oldest neighborhoods in the capital city, more on the in another post. Following the tour ... to the airport to catch the 4:10 PM to Chicago. We leave Beijing at 4:10 PM Thursday afternoon and arrive in Chicago at 4:13 PM Thursday afternoon! 13.5 hours over to Beijing and 3 minuted to get back! Talk about your time travel!

Looking forward to being home in just over 24 hours, Talk to you all then as I post from home again!

Pastor Steve!


The Curries said...

Hahaha! I'm picturing you and Tim getting ambushed! Awesome!

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