Thursday, March 12, 2009


Most everyone who lives in the upper middle of the country have a pretty good handle on what a sun dog looks like. For thoose of you who are not familiar with this term, here is a definition and picture:

From Wikipedia - A sun dog or sundog "parhelion", plural "parhelia", for "beside the sun" is a common bright circular spot on a solar Halo (optical phenomenon). It is an atmospheric optical phenomenon primarily associated with the reflection or refraction of sunlight by small ice crystals making up cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. Often, two sun dogs can be seen (one on each side of the sun) simultaneously.With all of that said, the other morning, at about 6 AM, with the temp just below O degrees I was driving to the west and the moon was brilliantly illuminated and I saw a moondog! One on each side at equal distance, just like the sundog but reflecting the light of the moon.

Having never seen or even heard of this phenomenon so I went to the internet and could not find any information of this type of phenomenon in relation to the moon. It was areally cool experience!

God's creation is incredible!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's not the sun coming up?

Big Bro

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Hey Bro,

The photo in the blog post is a stock photo of sundogs ...not of what I observed. I was driving West out of Clear Lake when I saw what looked like "moondogs".

Miss You Guys!