Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NCAA National Men's Basketball Championship

Monday evening was the NCAA National Men's Basketball Championship and what a game it was!

I told you in a previous post that I would reveal my pick for national champ and needless to say it was not Kansas - I had chosen Memphis from the very beginning and they almost sealed the deal for me. Even though they lost I still beat Daniel and Philip in our bracket challenge, so it's all good!

Now, lets talk about the game... Basketball is a game of fundamentals. If you do the little things, the basic things you will be successful for the most part. Memphis had a great year and a great run in the tourny, but the knock on them all year was that they were weak at the free-throw line. And in the end that is what crushed their dreams.

You might say that Memphis was 39-2 on the year, how could they be weak fundamentally? Most of their wins were not close if not blow-outs. If you could shut down their run and gun offense and keep the game close at the end they were in trouble. That is exactly what Kansas did, and when push came to shove Kansas made their free throws and Memphis did not.

Dunks are cool to see and three pointers are thrilling but when you get to crunch time you must make your free throws. At least that's the way I see it!

I remain,
Pastor Steve


John said...

I agree that fundamentals are essential, but I also disagree with how college basketball's rules allow a team to benefit by committing an intentional foul! Kansas did what they had to do to win, and that's OK. The rules as they are currently written were followed. Memphis should have made the FT's and we wouldn't be having this conversation. But I have never agreed with the 1 and 1 rule because more often than not, the team committing the foul benefits-- the clock stops, FT's are missed etc. I hate to say this.....but I think the NBA has it right in this regard. All free throw situations (other than after a made basket) are 2 shot fouls.

John said...


and I had Memphis winning too! Maybe that's why I'm griping.

Str8Arrow said...

I had picked Kansas. You have to admit that this was the most exciting final in many years. How often have we seen the semi finals as the good game and the final done by half time. I think that while Memphis had trouble hitting the free throws in the end that it was due to nerves and fatigue. Kansas had more real depth. Memphis had been shooting the foul shots well most of the tournament, but when they really needed it, they fell apart.