Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Hear You!

Wow, I'm getting pounded for not posting more on my blog. Even my wife got after me yesterday and one friend told me they stop by everyday to see what I've written. Honestly, I did not know you really cared so much!!!

One quick story for now....

With our friends out of the country adopting a child from China, we had the joy of having their 3 youngest at our house for a week and then we switched with others and now have the two older kids.

While we had the tiny tots they really enjoyed a particular DVD. They would watch it over and over. If you asked what they wanted to watch it was this DVD.

One morning as I was checking my e-mail at the house, Lynn asked if they would like to watch a DVD, of course the answer was a resounding YES! That was expected but was not expected was the name of the DVD. The youngest daughter yelled "I want to watch "Princess Diarrhea's"!"

I'm not going to lie to you I laughed until I cried! I kept asking her what she wanted to watch and she kept telling me!!! It was a riot!

BTW, the title is "The Princess Diaries"

I remain,
Pastor Steve


Shannon & Jodi said...

Thanks for posting. It's nice to know someone out there listens and obeys the first time I ask!

We've been praying for you while you host your visitors. What a blessing you are to John & Mary.

Str8Arrow said...

it's great when kids come up with that kind of stuff.

Erin said...

Oh! I'm laughing...I can just hear it! :)