Monday, December 17, 2007

Live From Clear Lake

Things are getting better here, I think!

Last Friday I got to have a play date with couple of friends. One called and asked if I could go to "Denny's" for coffee if he would pick me up. Lynn said YES & Praise The Lord! I'm thinking she was just glad to get rid of me for a while. I had a great time out on the town (at Denny's?!) and returned around noon. I was worn out but did have fun!

I have been able to get to some of the kids home basketball games. They are doing very well.

Sunday found me preaching at our church. The set-up was a bit different with me sitting in a chair with a table in front of me. It was a bit weird at the beginning but became very comfortable; it was kind of like a fireside chat. And NO I did not flip out of my chair while preaching as some had postulated!

I have my first post-op Doctors visit on Wednesday, I'll keep you posted as to what the next few weeks will hold.

Until then,

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

Big Bro says you need a pedicure!

Str8Arrow said...

I guess, he does. At least it takes the attention from off his face. How did the preacher's Christmas party go?