Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Minnesota Twins VS Baltimore Orioles

We piled into Tom Nichols van and headed for the Metrodome in Minneapolis at 4 PM. The crew for this road trip was Tom Nichols, John Kamberger, Nick Oliver & Myself. We were on our way to see John's beloved Orioles play the Twins.

John, Nick & Tom are the real baseball fanatics! Those guy amaze me with their grasp of baseball history, knowledge of current players and the very nuances of the game itself. Me, I just get to go along for comic relief. All kidding aside, we really have a great time of fellowship and enjoy the time spent on the road.

John got some great tickets on the third base line just six rows off the field right by the Twins bullpen. We had a great view of all the pitchers as they got loose and prepared to enter the game.

The long and short of it was that John's Orioles took one on the chin as they lost to the Twins 3 to 2. It was a great game and we saw our share of really good fielding along with a homer. All in all we had great food, fun and fellowship.

Pastor Steve

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