Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blueprint Seminar

I had the opportunity this past Saturday to attend the Blueprint Leadership Seminar held at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, presented by the GARBC.

This was an excellent seminar and I gained a great deal of insight! The seminar was given by John and Daria Greening.

*The Blueprint Seminar
is an in-depth learning experience designed to help you and your church leaders develop a comprehensive strategy for moving people toward spiritual maturity.

*The Blueprint Seminar will enable you to:
  • Identify the 7 building blocks of spiritual maturity
  • Discover the instructional essentials that nurture spiritual growth
  • Evaluate your church’s progress toward full spiritual development
  • Create new ways to help people learn
  • Design a customized plan for your church
A very profitable day ... not necessarily new information that I have never heard, but information organized in an a very concise manor.

I'm thankful for conferences and seminar's that you can attend and you do not walk away feeling that if your not doing your ministry exactly like the presenters or organization are, your doing ministry wrong!

One of the key reasons why I'm a huge fan of the Biblical Counseling Conference in Lafayette, In.

That's the way I see it,

Pastor Steve

*=information from GARBC web site

PS: Just for the record we had supper at Mama Lacona's

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