Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Roger & Martha Cox - 65th Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday, January 13th, we celebrated my Mom & Dad's 65th wedding anniversary!

The day began for us with a brief but intense snow storm that dropped an inch of snow over Clear Lake in about 45 minutes. This caused a change of plans and instead of going to Des Moines and having Philip and Susan follow us after their JV basketball games, Lynn and I decided to watch the games and then travel together. This proved very wise in the long run.

The celebration began with a mass at Christ the King Church, just up the street from where I grew up. I had the honor of being asked to sing "How Great Thou Art". My Dad was crying, my brother was crying and for the record .... I did NOT cry! A special thanks to Alma.

Following the mass , we drove to Urbandale to Mama Lacona's for dinner with our family and a few very good friends. A group of about 45. More about Mama Lacona's in a future post. Just before the meal my brother Roger Ira presented our parents with a pictorial family tree. (I hope to post a pic as soon as I get one.) Mom & Dad were also presented with a Papal proclamation and blessing. That was huge for them.

When we walked out of the restaurant and realized that it had been drizzling freezing rain. Everything was coated in a thin but VERY slippery coat of ice. Daniel, Maggie, Susan and Philip in one car; Lynn, Amy and I in another car. we headed off toward Ankeny for the night.

Sunday morning was not any better. Once we all got together in Ankeny we headed to brunch at Jacki & Pat's new home in Grimes. The trip was fraught with many dangers but we finally made it and the trip was very well worth the effort. Everyone was gathered together again and brunch was ON! Jacki and her crew of helpers put on a delightful meal. I could describe all of the tasty treats that were on the menu but it would not be fair to put you through the description with out the opportunity to indulge. Sorry! (hahahahahaha!)

After everyone was properly stuffed, we found our way to the family room to watch a video created by Ashlie of the story of Roger & Martha Cox. It was amazing, thank you so much Ashlie! And yes I cried, but so did everyone else.

With the threat of 6-10 inches of snow, many needed to get on the road. The Tamasi crew headed South and the Clear Lakers headed North. We left Ankeny at 2 PM and arrived in Clear Lake at 4:20 PM. A trip that normally takes an hour and a half.

It was a quick trip down and back but I would not have miss this for anything. Thanks to my Mom & Dad , a picture of faithfulness and love in a world that places very little value on such cornerstones of our culture. You are truly an example to us all! I love you!


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