Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mama Lacona's - Rockin' Good

Mama Lacona's has been a part of our family for years. I think that Mama Lacona's has even been part of the Cox family longer than I have......

I can remember as a very little kid going out to eat at Mama Lacona's. It was always a treat and if you were really fortunate you would get to see Charlie Lacona, he might even come over to your table and visit for a bit. My Dad owned his own sign business for 35 years and did lots of work for the Lacona family. Dad built the coolest sign for the restaurant, a guy holding a plate of spaghetti in one hand and a pizza in the other. This sign was a land mark when the restaurant was located on Beaver in Des Moines. A drawing of the sign is still part of their logo on their business card.

Mama Lacona's became the place where I took most of my dates in High School. Charlie always recognized me, but not remembering my name always called my "Little Roger". I always felt like a big shot and it always seemed impressed the girls I took there. I realize it's weak but in High School I didn't have a lot going for me...not that now is all that different...never mind! I'll never forget when I took Lynn there for the first time and Charlie brought a heart shaped pepperoni pizza to our table himself! Lynn was so impressed!

Ok, lets talk about the food. For years I have told my kids and anyone who would listen that "real" pizza is made on a cracker thin crust. That what I grew up eating from places like Bambi's, Babe's, Pasquali's, Bordinaro's and Russ & Abby's La Pizza House. But the very best was Mama Lacona's. Saturday evening Philip got his first taste of pizza perfection. He told me later that he had heard me talking about the quality of the pizza and thought I was just flapping my yap. Now the boy is a believer and is already asking where are we going back!

As a little kid I can remember getting the lasagna and it being very good. My brother Rick and my Mom are huge fans of the stuffed green peppers. Dad is a spaghetti man. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing on the menu that is not top notch!

Before I put a wrap on this blog I really need to mention the homemade rolls. Melt in your mouth sweet bread, freshly baked everyday and served to your table warm with real butter.

As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of Mama Lacona's! If your in the Des Moines/Urbandale area you can't go wrong stopping for a meal at Mama Lacona's!

Mama Lacona's Italian Restaurant
2743 86th Street
Urbandale, Iowa

That is the way I see it!
Pastor Steve


Anonymous said...

All I can say Steve is "AMEN"

Bette Jo

Str8Arrow said...

Sounds just wonderful. Why have we never gone there together?