Thursday, November 30, 2006

Update On Matt Bryan

I just received this update from Donna:


Just wanted to drop a quick email to update you all on Matt's progress.

He has cut down on pain meds and seems to be doing ok - but still sleeps quite a bit and tires very easily.

Last night he took a shower and passed out - thankfully David was there to catch him.

He saw the surgeon today and got out his staples (there were 11) and also got his drain out.

He can try going back to classes on Monday - no driving for probably a month. He goes back in 2 weeks just for a check and then again 2 weeks after that to discuss PT.

Dr Sidwell said that Matt may not be quite 100%, but will be close to it by the beginning of soccer practice!!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for Matt - and for David and I too!



Str8Arrow said...

great to hear! We'll keep praying from our direction.

Anonymous said...

you should talk to your son more, matt is now driving once again and is planning a quick recovery.