Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Sunday Off - Kinda

Today was supposed to be a vacation Sunday.

We had these great plans to head off to Perry and visit the Collingsworths. But that plan came to a screeching halt when we realized that Philip had basketball practice on Sunday afternoon. No way could we drive to Perry for church in the morning and then get back in time for his practice.

After weighing all the possibilities we decided to just run down to Holmes Baptist Church. We were really looking forward to this day trip. That was until Philip graced us with his presents at 1 AM. Just long enough to say that he had gotten sick and that he had a very bad headache. When I got up in the morning Philip told me that he had gotten sick again at 2 AM and that he was in no condition to go anywhere. Great!

So Lynn, Amy, Susan and I headed out to Holmes for the morning service. We had a great time. Pastor Odle preached a super message from Matthew 6 on prayer. Following the service we were invited to the Pizza Ranch in Clarion. What we didn't know was that most of the church was invited and the restaurant looked like the invasion of the Baptist. OOOOO Scary!!!!! Seriously, there must have been about 30 folks from the church chowing down ... lots of pizza, salad and fried chicken. It was great!

Got back to Clear Lake around 3 PM and watched some football with Nick Oliver who was doing the preaching here while I was gone. That left us with what to do about the evening service. Lynn and I decided to just go hear Nick and the girls wanted to go Forest City to see some friends. Nick did an awesome job preaching from 2 King 5.

Overall it was a very good day and we all enjoyed our day together. By the way, Philip feels much better!

Pastor Steve


Str8Arrow said...

What's vacation?

Steve Cox said...


The way you do ministry everyday is a vacation!!!!!