Monday, October 23, 2006

Youth Rally and Skunks

We attended the first area-wide youth rally in the North Iowa Fellowship on Saturday held at Forest City.

The event began with our Bible quiz time, the passage this month was 1 Timothy chapters 1-3. There were two options available, a written and oral tests. Congratulations to all who participated and studied so very hard.

The speaker for the day was Evangelist Timothy Silcott. He did a fine job with the text of Judges 7, the story of Gideon.

Walking tacos was the food fair along with brownies, toffee bars and other cakes and bars.

The activity for the rally was a trip to the area YMCA. Activities available to the young people were *Basketball *Volleyball *Wallyball *Dodgeball *Swimming *Racquetball *Billiards *Carpetball and just hanging out with your friends. If your not familiar with wallyball, it is a hoot! Basically, it is volleyball in a racquetball court. You are able to play the ball off all walls as well as the ceiling!

After all of the teams played in the wallyball tournament the champs from Iowa Falls took on a team of the sponsors from Clear Lake and some others. Myself & Lynn, Ivan & Brenda Good, Nick & Justin Oliver, Ash Lang, Pastor Steve Hill and another sponsor from Iowa Falls. It was a close contest but the kids from Iowa Falls were victorious 21-17. What a blast!

The last bit on this blog is about the ride home when I smeared a skunk! There were three in the road and I nailed at least one maybe two. There was no way to miss them, I really did not want to run over them but it happens. And now.....My van STINKS!

Pastor Steve


Str8Arrow said...

At least you had sunday dinner ready for the pan.

amy cox said...

wish i could have been there!!! miss you!!

Anonymous said...

We already knew your van stinks, after all Philip drives it, right?

Oh, you mean it stinks more than normal, now I understand.

Anonymous said...

One girl Aced the Bible quiz. She is as smart as her Mom.

Did it smell better in the van or out side the van? B.O. vs Le Skunk?

Anonymous said...

Great rally!!!! You Baptists rock!!!

Anonymous said...

you didn't mention stopping ... that means you left a good fur hat kit to go to waste!


stickwalker said...

you didn't mention stopping ... that means you left a good fur hat kit to go to waste!


Susie said...

Dad, You make me Giggle!!!! And I heard Two Thumps one on each side of the van..... You Got Two!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve - you have to hit a racoon to get a coon skin hat, skunks are not are worth nothing.