Sunday, October 01, 2006

Youth Deer Season 2006 Conclusion

Susan and I got out one last time on Friday morning. The weather was better, not near as cool as the days before.

We arrived a bit later than we normally do so getting to the stand was top priority before we totally disturbed the entire woods. Slipping as quietly as possible we got into the stand, settled back and waited for the sun to rise.

We were not in the stand 10 minutes when I realized that there was a deer just ten yards away in an open spot, but the darkness seemed so thick! I asked Susan if she could see the sights on her gun and she said "no". So we simply had to watch the deer slip off into the shadows.

Later in the morning we saw two bucks that once again offered no decent shots and then we spotted a doe and fawn headed right for us, we both saw them coming and we were ready! And then it happened ... the doe jumped and began to snort and blow! Then we saw that an orange cat was walking in the area right where the doe was and she was NOT a cat person!

You guessed it, doe and fawn long gone! Daughter now very hungry and ready to head in for breakfast. Because of her schedule Susan was not able to get out again and so her second youth deer season comes to an end without her harvesting her first deer.

Susan has already said that she can't wait until next year!

Pastor Steve
(For the record I'm not a cat guy!)

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