Friday, August 18, 2006

A Small Victory in a Larger Battle

As most of you know I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago. Since then it has been a battle to watch what I eat, stay away from sugars and get some regular exercise.

Last week I got another A1C test which checks your blood sugar for the past 3 months. This is the test that tells on you if you've been cheating or not doing your exercise.

When I returned home today I got a message from my doctor that my A1C came back at 6.3%, that is excellent! The normal range for A1C is 4-5.9%, which places me just above the norm.

Needless to say I'm very happy and energized to keep at the stuff so my A1C stays low. I recognize that this is just a small victory in the battle but I'm happy anyway!

I Remain,

Pastor Steve

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