Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Men's Retreat 2006

Men' Retreat was last weekend at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp and it was GREAT! The preaching was very good as the Hartog men opened THE Book with us.

Friday night was especially cool as we honored our military men and women. There was a very touching moment during a testimony by Pastor Mike Crawford, himself a military Chaplin, as he gave his combat patch to Pastor Dan McClure. McClure was the one who first got Mike thinking about the possibility of serving in the Chaplaincy.

Saturday's service were excellent as well and everyone I talk to came away blessed of the Lord!

As always the food at camp was so very good. Friday evening was grilled pork loin, grilled to perfection (if I may say so), baked potato, green beans, apple crisp and ice cream. There was also the return of the best homemade dinner rolls ever created! Thank you Lynnae!!! One of the guys from our Church could not stop talking about how good the rolls were and he was right! Saturday morning was my favorite: scrambled eggs and sausage - there was other stuff but who cares when you got scrambled eggs and sausage. Lunch consisted of all the fix-ins for taco's and taco salad. Good eats all weekend!

There were all kinds of activities to enjoy. My attention was on the trap shoot held at the Ventura Gun Club. We started at 1 PM on Friday afternoon and the shooters were steady in their desire to shoot but there were a lot more free birds than busted birds! Saturday was another good day for shooting and I have the bruises to prove I was there. Saturday I had the privilege of shooting with Ross Charlton, a first time shooter who hammered the birds. I shoot some trap ands also a couple rounds of "5 Stand". What a hoot!

Great weekend retreat, thanks to all who worked so hard for the Glory of God!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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Str8Arrow said...

Great Retreat! Great preaching. Good music and fantastic fellowship. Maybe I'll go next year. :0)