Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Iowa Attorney General seeks $17 million for drug treatment

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December 20, 2005
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Attorney General Tom Miller today said the Legislature needs to increase spending on drug treatment programs because of the link between addiction and crime.

‘‘The most important thing we can do to fight crime in Iowa is to adequately fund drug treatment,’’ said Attorney General Tom Miller. ‘‘It is the crime problem of Iowa and the crime problem of America.’’

Miller asked lawmakers to spend an extra $17 million on drug treatment programs. The state currently spends about $50 million on those programs.

He said spending on such programs has dropped by about $10 million since 2001, a 13 percent decline. At the same time, the state has seen an increase in methamphetamine addiction, he said.‘‘

The Legislature has let us down,’’ Miller said at a news conference.

Miller’s proposal offers an additional $7 million in treatment programs developed by state agencies, $7 million to pay for treatment programs aimed at addicts who have children and $3 million to expand the state’s drug court program.

Last week, Miller said he wanted to ask lawmakers for $25 million for drug treatment, but his staff later said his proposal would likely be less.

Senate Republican President Jeff Lamberti, of Ankeny, said lawmakers are willing to listen.

‘‘I think there’s probably a need for more treatment options,’’ he said. ‘‘Whether we can come up with $17 million remains to be seen.’’


The way I see it, this makes my head hurt! Are you kidding me, Do You Hear The Words That Are Coming Out Of Your Mouth!?!?!?!?!? Is this the very best idea that our Attorney General can come up with!?!?!?

Is it just me or does anyone else see the absolute absurdity of A.G. Miller's statement? Here is what I see him saying..."We have a drug problem, therefore, we need better treatment programs."

That is the equivalent of saying that in order to stop food fights in the school cafeteria we will buy more mops & buckets!

What fires me up even more is Senate Republican President Jeff Lamberti, of Ankeny, saying that lawmakers are willing to listen to this garbage!

Stop the madness, the way I see it, if you want to reduce the drug problem in Iowa start with enforcing the laws that are already on the books, maybe strengthening those laws and prosecute the offenders. Stop coddling these vermin and make them serve their sentences!

That is the way I see it, What say you?

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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