Friday, July 17, 2015

It Has Been Awhile ... But I'm Here Now

The reports of the death of my blog have been greatly exaggerated! Yes, it has been awhile and the thought of removing my blog has certainly crossed my mind. But, on the other hand ... a guy needs a place to come back to from time to time and vent his thoughts.

So ....  let me tell you about a huge surprise that I got just a few weeks ago!


Well, let me start a bit before that .... a few months ago, mid-winter, I was asked if I would be interested in an opportunity to go to Canada for a week long fishing trip. OF COURSE I'm interested in going! So the planning began.

Portable unit just like the one I used
During the course of the spring I had just about made up my mind that I would pass on this opportunity until another pastor friend of mine really encouraged me to attend. My issue was that this was to be in Canada and the spot where we were headed was very primitive (NO running water & NO electric). Having a CPAP machine left me some logistical issues.

Lynn & I talked and we began the process of solving problems. Answer to CPAP issue .... a deep cycle marine battery, a 12 volt converter and we were in business.  I purchased a new rod & reel, various and a sundry camping supplies and prepared to go to Canada

I was so looking forward to this fishing trip!

I was informed that we needed to be in International Falls at 11 AM on Monday July 6th. That meant for me leaving Oskaloosa, driving 3 hours to Forest City, Iowa, meeting 3 others guys there and  then driving as far as Hinckley, Minn. At Hinckley we spent the night in an "motel" that allowed us a bed and a hot shower (the last opportunity for a hot shower for 5 days). 

Leaving Hinckley, we drove to International Falls and met up with our hosts for the week. Got fueled up and crossed the boarder into Canada! Four hours more on the road and we arrived at Road Lake Ontario, Canada just outside Minaki, Ontario. Check it out on Google Maps!  All told .... a 13 hour trip!

Once there ... we unloaded and at the road and portaged in about a 1/4 of a mile to the camp itself and got our cabin assignments. Once our gear was stowed we prepared for a supper of hamburgers with all the fixin's!

Following supper, Doug and Josh Farrell and myself got into a 16' Lund and motored to a small cove on Road Lake and began hammering the small-mouth

More to Come! 

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