Friday, December 20, 2013

Not A Lot To Say ......

Wow! When is the last time you heard a preacher say they didn't have a lot to say!!!

As always very busy this time of year .... can't even find time for coffee with friends! That is flat being too busy! But we are looking forward to having everyone home for Christmas. Maybe getting a chance to catch our breath!

Hunting season has been a bust, so far, this year with me driving a bus route full time it makes every early morning and late afternoon activities tough. Nevertheless, I'm planning on hunting the late muzzle-loader season which falls during Christmas break! Archery season will be open at the same time ... looking to harvest a couple of deer in the next few weeks.

More Later .... I Promise!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back on the blog!
Big Bro