Monday, July 01, 2013

June 2013 - What a blur!

I just realized that it has been a month since I have posted on the blog! So, it is time for an update!

June was a very busy month as the camping season at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp got underway in full force. The first full week of June is Special Camp, a camp for those with mental/physical handicaps. I have the privilege to be the director of this camp each year and am responsible for the program, activities and finding counselors. I would love to say that I do all of this my self but I have gathered a great leadership staff that helps me carry out these responsibilities! This year we had 81 campers, plus an incredible staff! We had a great week and it was as always very rewarding!

The very next week was Jr. Boys Camp! At Jr. boys I served as a counselor, and this year I have 9 boys in my cabin. 2 from my church and 7 from another. What a great group of guys! Jr. boys is a long tiring week of camp with a group of guys that never seem to wear-out or lose any energy; but this old guy hung with them fairly well!

After two full weeks at camp I was more than ready for a break! But, now it was Lynn's turn! Jr. Girls camp 2013 was on her agenda and a week of office work / yard work and catch up was on mine! It never ceases to amaze me how fast stuff piles up when you are gone for a bit.

Just so you don't get comfortable ... as soon as Jr. girls was over Lynn and I left for the GARBC National Conference in Dearborn, Mi. We departed Clear Lake on Sunday afternoon and drive to Michigan City, In. and spent the night. The next morning we drove the rest of the way into Dearborn. The conference was fantastic! Always good to see friend from all over the nation as well as meeting and making new friends! The conference itself was very good again this year, the preaching sessions & workshops were very good and I was challenged and learned a great deal.

June turned out to be a very busy month indeed! But what a blessing to be used of God in the lives of special campers, Jr. boys and Jr. girls. Then get the privilege to attend a refreshing conference.

July is upon us and here is our agenda for this month:  4th of July church picnic and fireworks over the lake, Jr, High camp where Lynn & I will serve as counselors, Family Camp #3 where I will be the evening speaker, Sr. High Camp where Lynn will be  counseling!

Hang on...We're off!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve    

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