Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Creation Corner w/ Lowell Washburn

Dove migration -- Cold Snap Brings New Arrivals‏

Last week's sudden "cold snap" must have really gotten the attention of doves living to the north of Iowa.  By Thursday afternoon [Aug 16] dove numbers appeared to be showing a noticeable increase across North Central Iowa.

By Saturday morning [Aug 18] there could be little question that the 2012 dove migration was on.  At weedy gathering points, dove hunting enthusiasts reported flushing a dozen or more doves at a time.  Birds were everywhere --- on the ground, in the air, roosted in nearby tree lines.

A friend of mine visited a willow batt he plans to hunt Opening Day.  Although only a dozen to 20 doves normally exit the willow patch at daylight, there are usually doves flying back and forth around the area most of the morning.  But what my friend saw this weekend was incredible.  As daylight arrived, he witnessed what he estimated to be at least 250 doves exit the willows with a roar of wings.  Doves were soon flying everywhere and he said that it was the most [doves] he'd seen anywhere --- ever.
Final Thought:  The doves are here.  Local hunters are poised and chomping at the bit.  The big question will be if we can keep the new arrivals here until the September 1st Dove Opener finally arrives.  I remember hunting a Sept. 1st Dove Opener near Princeton, Missouri two days after a sharp cold front had rolled across the area.  Although the area had been crawling with birds, more than half [most?] had departed just before the opener.  Needless to say, our weekend success was a huge let down!   

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