Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Wild Weekend!

Very bust weekend!

State-wide youth rally on Saturday in Altoona, just East of Des Moines. Left Clear Lake at 7 AM and returned home around 8 PM. Long day in 50 degree weather with high winds and spitting rain.

Sunday afternoon we drove to Des Moines for a family photo shoot. This was the kids Mother's Day gift to Lynn. We left Clear Lake right after our morning service, around 12 noon, and was back to Clear Lake in time for me preach in our 6 PM service. That is a flying trip!

Monday afternoon we drove to Des Moines to put Susan on a plane to South Africa! She is on a college mission trip and will begone until June 4.

The only good thing about all of this traveling is that the price of fuel is so low!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve

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BrianTheGreat said...

Saying goodbye and leaving the airport was nerve racking yet exciting. Sending a daughter out of the country ?????? But it was wonderful to see the number of young people willing to serve. There were not as many tears as I expected from Mom and a lot more apprehension than expected from Dad. Our prayers are with the whole team. I must say after a somewhat restless night I was very relieved to turn on the news and not see any scrolling headlines about airplanes. It is of the utmost comfort that God will be glorified by this team. Daddy is proud.