Friday, April 22, 2011

Blogger Briefs

So much going on ...I really don't know where to start.

Attended the Talents for Christ event in Des Moines at the beginning of April and the young people of our church did very well. One of our young ladies will be traveling to Denver in June for a National Competition!

I had the privileged to attend the Ordination Counsel and Ordination Service of Pastor Jeriah Shank. Jeriah did perhaps the finest job of knowing and handling the Word of God that I have ever seen as a part of an ordination. So very thankful for God's working in his life!

We just finished up a 12 week bible/worldview study titled: "The Truth Project" from Focus on the Family. This video is led by Del Tackett who  does a VERY good job and I found this a very challenging series. If you have the chance to walk through this video series, I would highly recommend this study!

Until Later,  
Pastor Steve

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