Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Item: Best & Worst Of The Weekend

I'm introducing new feature that I've swiped from the Dan Patrick Radio Show. It's called "The Best & Worst Of The Weekend". Here is how it works:

My Weekends Best:
  • 4th of July: Parade, food, fellowship & fireworks
  • Amy & Grandma Carol here for the weekend
  • Nick, Jessica and Justin up for fireworks
  • Great day at church on Sunday
  • Vacationing Visitors at Church
  • VBS Kick-off Cookout Outdoor Service Sunday evening
  • Playing guitar with Caitlin for outdoor service!
My Weekends Worst:
  • Saturday morning rain a bit of a buzz kill
  • Michael Jackson new 24/7
  • Murder of former NFL QB Steve McNair
  • Another big crash ending the NASCAR race in Daytona
Well that's how it works but now it's your turn; click on the comments button, click "anonymous" and let me know your best and worst of the past weekend! (Don't forget to put your name in your note so I know who left the comment!)

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Anonymous said...

I read Lynn's birthday blog. What a blessing you are to each other!