Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And Life Goes On....

Not much new going on here, just normal life.

Been driving bus quite often, staying very busy with church activities & hanging out with my family.

Saturday was Valentines Day and our youth at our Church served a banquet for our adults. It was a very nice evening and Lynn and I really enjoyed ourselves. The menu was roast beef that was every bit as good as prime rib! Green bean casserole, baked potatoes and dessert.

Let me talk about dessert - One of our teen girls made three desserts: A cherry cobbler, a blueberry cobbler and a brownie with a raspberry accompaniment. WOW these were incredibly good!

A speaker for the evening was Mark Lounsbrough, a professor at Faith Baptist Bible College, and a cousin to one of the Deacons at the church. Mark did a great job and was a blessing to all.

Sunday was a good day at the church...I preached out of the book of Galatians in the morning service, an overview of Revelation chapters 4-22 in the evening service. (I did not get all the way through this lesson!) Our Sunday School class is finishing up a study through the book "Trusting God" by Jerry Bridges. This has been a great study and we have really benefited from this time.

Talk to you soon!


Str8Arrow said...

I read your blog and can't help but wonder. How did you get "in" the book of Galatians to be able to preach out of it. You must have one of those really big pulpit bibles.

Anonymous said...

Right on Bro!

Big Bro