Saturday, January 31, 2009

Making Me Money!

A $50.00 coffee mug? Are you insane?

That was my lovely wife's first reaction to my idea to buy a refillable coffee mug from Kum & Go, a convenience store here in Iowa.

Here is the deal - - If you buy a mug for $50.00, then you get unlimited refills for all of 2009. It normally cost about $1.25 for a refill of this size mug. So if you buy the cup it will take about 50 fills for you to recoup your investment. You are allowed to fill your cup with coffee, tea, soda pop, cappuccino even icee drinks. Someone asked me if I could fill my cup with soft serve ice cream, I have not tried that yet but I'm thinking it through!

After a bit of convincing, I purchased my mug on January 5th and on January 27th I got my 50th cup of coffee and now my mug will be paying me for the rest of the year!

Show me the money!!!


Anonymous said...

Two things.

1. How big is the mug?

2. Do you really need that much caffine? I don't think so.


Shannon/Jodi said...

I have one too! Alex and Jack each bought one today. I'm only up to about 12 refills in one week, but I'm working on it.

Jack wanted to know if he could fill his with M&M's...

Anonymous said...

Only in America! It's called captialism (a bad word these days in some circles.)

Big Bro

Pastor Steve Cox said...


I believe the mug is 24oz but I'm not positive.

And you assume I always drink coffee w/ caffeine, not so!!!

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Hey Big Bro,

I'm a huge fan of America and the way of capitalism. My She stand strong in the changing winds of our days.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am going to say that backwards. WOW!


Anonymous said...

So, with all this "savings" going on, does that mean you will be able to come down to southern Iowa deer hunting this fall? Out of 4 hunters, we had 3 eight point bucks by 10:00 am on opening morning, and all the tags filled by the end of opening day!

As far as your $50 coffe cup, maybe you should recommend this "stimulus" program to your senator and congressmen, it make more sense than what they are doing>