Tuesday, March 25, 2008

But He Cusses Too!

Driving a school bus is a unique experience in that I'm able to observe the students in a setting where they really are not paying attention that there is an adult within earshot.

Nintendo DS is just huge in the middle school culture and is seems that everyone has a DS. As kids get on the bus they ask each other if they have theirs with them and what games they have with them.

This morning one guy gets on and when asked says that his DS is at home because it needed to be charged. However, he did bring his CD player with a great CD. The CD is by Michale Card.

The conversation went something like this:

Boy 1: "I got this great CD by Michael Card"
Boy 2: "Who is Michael Card?"
Boy 1: "A Christian singer!"
Boy 2: "oh" (somewhat dejected)
Boy 1: "But he cusses too!"
Boy 2: "COOL!" (totally impressed now)

I'm telling you ... you can not make this stuff up!!!

I Remain,
Pastor Steve


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Str8Arrow said...

Our call is to be salt and light i this wicked world. The statement says more about the teenager than Micale Card. I say this because I have been accused of cursing during a sermon. You see I said the words "Jesus" and "Hell" while preaching a Gospel message. One person listening had only heard the words used as profanity.