Friday, December 15, 2006

Ventura's Christmas Concert

On December 7th I had the opportunity to attend the annual Christmas concert at Ventura Community Schools in Ventura, Iowa.

As usual this was a fantastic evening. The vocal groups were very good but the instrumental groups were incredible!

The Junior High Band did a wonderful job on the songs they presented. I have been to band concerts for many years in many different locations. Never have I heard a better Jr. High band. Normally, your Jr. High band is a step slow and a step flat. If you have been to a few Jr. High band concert you know what I mean. Not the case at Ventura! On key and on time! Very good preparation and performance.

The High School was next and once again was incredible! I think my favorite part is the percussion section. Those kids really set the "tone" and carry the day. The brass section was crisp and clean, woodwinds smooth as silk. A very enjoyable experience.

The final bit of the concert, not even on the program, was the Ventura High School Jazz Band. What a pleasant surprise! If I'm perfectly honest I must confess two things: 1. I really enjoy good jazz music & 2. I love to hear the Ventura Jazz Band. I was disappointed when upon arrival the program did not contain a reference to a jazz band performance. However, the jazz band was prepared to give us a "jazzy" version of Jingle Bells and then a piece that was played in their Jazz Band Competition. FANTASTIC!

Congratulations and thank you to Nate Benzing and the Ventura Jazz Band on their upcoming appearance at the State Jazz Band Competition. The is the 11th straight year that Ventura will be making an appearance in the State competition. I trust you will do well!

That Is The Way I See It -
Pastor Steve

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